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Heart and HAMMER: CD's

Heart and Hammer - CD


This one's hot off the press, literally. In our hands on 11/10/14. This is our second, with 12 of Heart and Hammer's finest from a deep repertoire of original music. This one, recorded and produced at Kung Fu Bakery Recording in Portland, OR, features the introduction of the banjo and ukulele, unheard of on the last CD. Give this one a's good for you.

Time Flies - CD


This first Heart & HAMMER CD, contains original, award-winning songs written by band founders Julianna Waters and Barry Crannell. Their captivating blend of acoustic guitar, violin, cello, pedal steel, percussion and mandolin beautifully support the diamond in the rough quality of Julianna's superb vocals and Barry's elegant touch on the guitar. Their music paints picture after picture of ordinary, and not so ordinary, American life