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Heart and HAMMER: Press

Long time coming, worth the wait

Julianna Waters and Barry Crannell, known duetically (is that a word?) as Heart and Hammer, have delivered a CD full of sweet treats for the ear. Their second offering, coming 11 years after 2003's Time Flies, finds the duo in fine musical form, continuing in the same modern folk, singer-songwriter tradition found on their debut. Unlike Time Flies, the new self-titled project features healthy doses of banjo and ukulele. These instruments do not dominate or overpower the music, but rather provide a warmth and richness that aid in bringing the melodies and lyrics to life.

Julianna, who wrote and sings the bulk of the material here, delivers a velvety vocal sound reminiscent of Shawn Colvin and even hints of Joni Mitchell, which is not bad company to be grouped with. Her turn on such tunes as DON’T SHOOT THE MESSENGER, DEEP DEEP POOL and HEART IN HIS POCKET keeps me coming back again and again.

Barry, who is no slouch as a singer and songwriter either, turns in two vocal performances, adding to the wonderful variety of the CD’s over all sound. His understated yet earnest vocals on JUST LIKE YOU and LAST CALL only makes one wish he had sung more.

The duo were smart enough to surround themselves with an array of talented musicians who aided and abetted in making this musical adventure the treasure that it is. Too numerous to mention here, they know who they are and you will too once you give this a spin. Disappointed you will not be.
Greg Brown - CD Baby (Nov 24, 2014)

"...Julianna's warm and clear vocals and Barry's acoustic guitar are a treat for the ears...Hopefully, we'll be hearing a lot more from Heart and HAMMER."

Rindy Ross - Quarterflash/The Trail Band

absolutely gorgeous must get this a lot, but on tunes like "bed i have made" you almost have a young Joni Mitchell tone..must be that wonderful trace of vibrato in your delivery, but I just love the sound..the songs are tight and melodic, the arrangements help create a full rich sound..and the tunes just work beautifully. What a find!!

Mike White Presents - RN Artist/Fan

“Moving songs about life and love sung with passion, warmth, and restraint in all the right's hard not to be empowered by this music...”

Steve Seskin - #1 Hit Songwriter

Excellent music,what a wonderful collection of songs!

Frankie O'Rourke - RN Artist/Fan

Way to represent Portland! It's been almost 20 years since I lived there, but your sound sure makes me miss the Pacific NW! Beautiful, classy music!

Jacqui Sutton - RN Artist/Fan

“Poetically resonant and stylistically diverse, Heart & Hammer communicates the many dimensions of the human heart through the delicate power of remarkable songs.”


Steve Cahill - Songwriter's Resource Network

Thank you, I have just been enjoying your beautiful songs. I love Julianna's voice and lovely sensitive backings. Love your guitar style too

Sue Trickey - RN Artist/Fan your songs...great lyrics...big big cheers...a pleasure to listen

healingcolors - RN Artist/Fan

Bed That I Have Made is an astonishing song. Beautiful vocals. Especially great songcraft that really resonates with me.

Sills & Smith - RN Artist/Fan