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Heart and HAMMER: Listen

Dear Grandma

(Heart and HAMMER)
Barry Crannell

Dear Grandma


Dear Grandma

Do you know that I’m a star?

And do you know it’s all because

Of this ol’ guitar that you gave me

Such a long time ago

I named it after you

I thought you’d like to know


Dear Grandma

Do you know I miss your face

And peanut butter and jelly

On those story-tellin’ days where I remember

In your rockin’ chair one day you said

Know matter where you go

Go your own way


Wish you didn’t go when you did

You left all your love

In the heart of a little kid


Dear Grandma

I kinda miss the ol’ Sunday school

Wouldn’t have a God if it weren’t for you

And I remember – the 23rd psalm

And the change for collection

You slipped into my palm


Thank you Grandma

Thank you Grandma