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Heart and HAMMER: Listen

I Am Not a Mother

(Heart and HAMMER)
Julianna Waters


I Am Not a Mother
I am not a mother, 
my own mama’s old and gray
I’ve held no crying babies, 
I will die alone someday.
But I have loved the lonely stranger
And listened to the tales they tell
I am the shepherd of the walking wounded
I keep the secrets they let spill.
I am not a traveler, 
my adventures have been small
I’ve not seen Rome or Paris or 
sung in Carnegie’s great hall

But I have walked into the desert
and heard the wind and canyon sing
I am the daughter of empty spaces
sage and quiet are my wings
OH, how swift the hands of time
How can this heart of mine
bare the task of letting go?
OH, we live at such a cost
how do we bare the loss
in the face of letting go?
 I’m not a fortune teller, 
the future stays unknown to me
I move forward, I go blindly, 
every day’s a mystery
But there are things I know for certain
like how my love endures for you
I’ve been the champion of your tender  heart
You’re the champion of mine too
I am not a mother